Enigmatic Prince Symbol Tattoo Meaning

Prince symbol tattoos, often featuring his iconic “love symbol,” typically represent individuals’ admiration for the late artist and his unique musical legacy. The symbol, which combines the male and female gender symbols, signifies the prince’s gender fluidity and individuality.

Many people choose to get prince symbol tattoos as a way to pay homage to his groundbreaking contributions to music, as well as to embody his message of embracing one’s true self. These tattoos can serve as a powerful reminder to be unapologetically authentic and to celebrate one’s own identity, just as Prince did throughout his remarkable career.

Musician Prince Symbol Tattoo And History

This “Prince Symbol Tattoo” is a unique representation of music and history, showcasing the iconic ‘Love Symbol’ famously used by multi-talented artist Prince. Known for his groundbreaking fusion of various music styles, this tattoo encapsulates Prince’s persona.

His influential role in shaping pop culture, and his emphasis on individuality and self-expression. It serves as a tribute to the legendary musician, perfect for fans who appreciate Prince’s genius and want to immortalize him in ink.

The Creation Of A One-Of-A-Kind Symbol

  • Prince’s symbol was created as a fusion of the genders. It combines the astrological symbols for male (♂) and female (♀) into a single, unique design.
  • The love symbol is visually captivating, with a flowing line that creates an unbroken circle atop a vertical line. The circle represents unity, eternity, and the cyclic nature of life, while the vertical line symbolizes strength and spirituality.

Prince Tattoo Style Ideas, Designs and Placement

Ankh Prince or Eye Prince symbol tattoo

Ankh Prince symbol tattoo
Eye Prince symbol tattoo

Prince symbol tattoo music

Prince symbol tattoo flames

Prince symbol tattoo flames

Prince symbol tattoo with a heartbeat

Prince symbol tattoo with a heartbeat

Purple rain prince symbol tattoo

purple rain prince symbol tattoo
purple eye rain prince symbol tattoo

Helen Mirren’s prince symbol tattoo

Helen Mirren's prince symbol tattoo
Helen Mirren's prince symbol tattoo design

Sheila E. Prince symbol tattoo

Sheila E. Prince symbol tattoo tribute
Sheila E. Prince symbol tattoo raw
Sheila E. Prince symbol tattoo

Feminine Prince symbol tattoo

Feminine Prince symbol tattoo
Feminine Prince symbol tattoo on hand
Feminine Prince symbol tattoo on thigh

Prince symbol tattoo on finger

The “Prince Symbol Tattoo” on a finger is a subtle, yet impactful homage to the legendary musician Prince. The intricate ‘Love Symbol’ inked elegantly on your finger serves as a constant reminder of his unconventional music style, promoting individuality and bold self-expression in every strum or gesture.

Prince symbol tattoo on Arm

Prince symbol tattoo on leg

Prince symbol tattoo on leg

Prince symbol tattoo on stomach

Prince symbol tattoo on stomach

Symbolizing Power, Creativity, And Independence

, prince’s symbol tattoo holds deep-rooted meanings that reflect the iconic musician’s persona and artistic journey. Analyzing the various elements that make up prince’s symbol tattoo unveils the intricate symbolism behind each component, shedding light on the essence of his individuality and musical prowess.

Analyzing The Various Elements Of Prince’s Symbol Tattoo

The Combination Of The Male And Female Symbols

  • The combination of the male and female symbols within the prince’s symbol tattoo represents the union of opposites, integrating both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • This blend of energies symbolizes the prince’s belief in the power of balance and embracing the full range of human expression.

The Crown Atop The Symbol

  • The crown atop the symbol signifies power and authority, reflecting the prince’s status as a musical genius and renowned performer.
  • It represents his royal approach to music and his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

The Musical Notes Encircling The Symbol

  • The musical notes encircling the symbol serve as a reminder of the prince’s unparalleled musical talent and his virtuosity as a multi-instrumentalist.
  • They symbolize his creativity and the harmonious blend of different musical elements that define his unique sound.

The Love-Symbol Shape

  • The love-symbol shape, also known as the “love symbol #2,” is a nod to prince’s brief name change during the 1990s, a period where he sought to assert his independence from his record label.
  • The shape represents his defiance of industry conventions and his determination to control his own destiny, both creatively and professionally.
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The Squiggly Lines Within The Symbol

  • The squiggly lines within the symbol bring a sense of fluidity and movement, capturing prince’s dynamic and ever-evolving artistic spirit.
  • They represent the boundless innovation and improvisation that characterized his music and performances.

The Color Purple

  • The color purple, which often accompanies prince’s symbol tattoo, holds significant meaning in his career and personal life.
  • Purple symbolizes royalty, ambiguity, and spirituality, aligning with prince’s mystique and enigmatic persona.

Prince’s symbol tattoo is a visual representation of his power, creativity, and independence. Each element within the tattoo carries profound significance, reflecting the multifaceted nature of his artistry. Unlocking the meaning behind each component unveils the depth of prince’s musical legacy and his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Empowering Self-Expression And Individuality

Prince Symbol Tattoo Meaning: Empowering Self-Expression And Individuality

Prince, the iconic musician, was known for his unique and unconventional style. From his extravagant performance costumes to his electrifying music, he constantly pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. One of the most recognizable symbols associated with prince is his stylized symbol tattoo.

This tattoo not only embodies his artistic freedom but also has a significant impact on his personal brand and identity.

How Prince’S Symbol Tattoo Embodies His Artistic Freedom

  • The symbol itself: Prince’s tattoo features a combination of the male and female gender symbols, intertwined and stylized. This symbolizes his fluidity and rejection of traditional gender norms.
  • Represents his name change: In 1993, prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, often referred to as the “love symbol” or “artist formerly known as prince.” This act was a bold statement against his record label and a declaration of his artistic independence.
  • Uniqueness and originality: By tattooing this symbol on his body, prince solidified its importance in his personal narrative and artistic expression. It became a visual representation of his creative genius and refusal to conform to societal expectations.

The Impact Of The Tattoo On Prince’S Personal Brand And Identity

  • Strengthened his image as an enigmatic artist: The symbol tattoo added an air of mystery and intrigue to prince’s persona. It further fueled curiosity and fascination among his fans and the media.
  • Reinforced his dedication to individuality: Prince was renowned for staying true to himself and his artistic vision. The symbol tattoo served as a constant reminder of his commitment to personal authenticity and the pursuit of his own unique path.
  • Symbol of rebellion and freedom: Prince’s symbol tattoo became synonymous with his rebellious spirit. It represented his defiance of corporate control and his relentless pursuit of creative freedom.

Prince’s symbol tattoo holds great significance in terms of empowering self-expression and individuality. It represents his dedication to artistic freedom and rebellion against societal norms. This iconic tattoo not only enhanced prince’s personal brand and identity but also solidified his status as a visionary and trailblazer in the music industry.

A Tribute To Musical Excellence And Innovation

Exploring The Connection Between Prince’S Symbol Tattoo And His Groundbreaking Music Career

Prince, the legendary musician known for his incredible talent and unconventional style, left an indelible mark on the world of music. As a tribute to his musical excellence and innovation, prince sported a symbol tattoo that represented his artistic vision.

This tattoo holds a significant meaning in relation to his groundbreaking music career, and in this section, we will delve into the connection between prince’s symbol tattoo and the impact it had on his iconic music.

The Symbol Tattoo: An Expression Of Individuality And Creativity

  • The symbol tattoo that prince adorned on his cheek was an embodiment of his individuality and creativity.
  • Instead of using his name, prince adopted this unique symbol as his identity, signifying his rejection of societal norms.
  • The tattoo showcased his defiance and the desire to create music on his own terms, staying true to his artistic vision without any restrictions.
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A Visual Representation Of Prince’S Artistic Vision

  • The symbol tattoo became a visual representation of prince’s artistic vision, serving as a constant reminder of his commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging convention.
  • It symbolized the fusion of various musical genres, reflecting prince’s versatility and ability to seamlessly blend elements of funk, rock, pop, and r&b in his songs.
  • The tattoo became synonymous with prince’s unconventional approach to music-making and his refusal to be confined by industry expectations.

Inspiring Musical Innovation

  • Prince’s symbol tattoo played a vital role in inspiring him to push the boundaries of musical innovation.
  • It served as a constant reminder of the need to break free from conventional norms and create groundbreaking music that resonated with his audience.
  • The symbol tattoo fueled prince’s creativity, encouraging him to explore new sounds, experiment with different instruments, and constantly evolve as an artist.

Impact On Fan Connection

  • The symbol tattoo also deepened the connection between prince and his fans.
  • It allowed them to identify with his artistic persona and served as a symbol of unity among his dedicated fan base.
  • The tattoo became an iconic image that fans associated with prince, creating a sense of belonging and shared admiration for his musical genius.

A Lasting Legacy

  • Prince’s symbol tattoo continues to be an enduring part of his legacy, forever linked to his groundbreaking music career.
  • It serves as a symbol of his unwavering dedication to his craft, inspiring future generations of musicians to embrace their individuality and fearlessly pursue their artistic visions.

The connection between prince’s symbol tattoo and his groundbreaking music career goes far beyond a mere visual statement. It represents his tireless pursuit of creativity, his refusal to conform, and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation.

Prince’s symbol tattoo is a testament to his remarkable legacy as an iconic musician who forever changed the landscape of music.

Inspiring A New Wave Of Tattoo Artistry

Examining The Influence Of Prince’S Symbol Tattoo On The Tattoo Industry

Prince, the legendary musician, was known for his unique style and boundary-pushing creativity. One of his most iconic elements was his symbol tattoo, an emblem that came to symbolize his artistic identity. This tattoo, often referred to as the “love symbol,” has had a profound and lasting impact on the tattoo industry, inspiring a new wave of artistry and admiration among fans.

How The Tattoo Has Become A Symbol Of Admiration And Tribute Among Fans:

  • Fans have embraced prince’s symbol tattoo as a way to pay homage to the artist who touched their lives through his music and persona.
  • The symbol has become a universal symbol of love, creativity, and individuality, resonating with people from all walks of life.
  • Tattoo enthusiasts have incorporated the symbol into their own body art, using it as a powerful statement of their connection to prince and his legacy.

Inspiring A New Wave Of Tattoo Artistry:

  • Prince’s symbol tattoo introduced a fresh wave of creativity and innovation into the tattoo industry, influencing artists to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their craft.
  • Tattoo artists have developed their own interpretations of the symbol, incorporating it into intricate designs and personalized artwork.
  • The symbol’s unique shape and meaning have opened up new possibilities for tattoo designs, inspiring artists to explore new artistic avenues.

Keeping Prince’s Spirit Alive Through His Symbol Tattoo

Prince, the legendary musician, left an indelible mark on the world through his artistry and unique sense of style. One of the most recognizable symbols associated with him is the iconic love symbol, which he adopted as his name in the 1990s.

Today, many fans choose to honor his memory by getting a prince symbol tattoo. In this section, we will explore the role of the tattoo in preserving prince’s memory and legacy, as well as share stories and anecdotes from fans who have chosen to get similar tattoos.

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The Role Of The Tattoo In Preserving Prince’S Memory And Legacy:

  • A lasting tribute: Prince’s impact on music and popular culture cannot be overstated. Getting a prince symbol tattoo is a way for fans to pay homage and keep his memory alive for generations to come.
  • Spreading awareness: Each time someone sees a prince symbol tattoo, it sparks conversations and piques curiosity. This helps to keep prince’s legacy relevant and introduce his music to new audiences.
  • Connection to the artist: By getting a tattoo of prince’s symbol, fans create a deep personal connection to him and his music. It serves as a constant reminder of the emotions he evoked and the impact he had on their lives.
  • Encouraging artistic expression: Prince was known for his individuality and fearlessness in self-expression. By getting a prince symbol tattoo, fans are inspired to embrace their own creativity and celebrate their unique identities.
  • Promoting inclusivity: Prince’s symbol represents the merging of the traditional gender symbols, a testament to his boundary-pushing stance on gender and sexual identity. Through the tattoo, fans affirm their support for inclusivity and diversity.

Stories And Anecdotes From Fans Who Have Chosen To Get Similar Tattoos:

  • Emily, a lifelong prince fan, decided to get a prince symbol tattoo on her wrist as a symbol of empowerment. She believes that prince’s music empowered her to be herself and encouraged her to embrace her own uniqueness.
  • James, a musician, got a prince symbol tattoo on his forearm as a way to honor the influence prince had on his musical journey. It serves as a reminder to always push boundaries and strive for greatness.
  • Sarah, a dancer, chose to get a prince symbol tattoo on her ankle. She was inspired by prince’s passion for art and his ability to express himself through various mediums. The tattoo represents her love for dance and her desire to channel her inner creativity.
  • Alex, a member of the lgbtq+ community, got a prince symbol tattoo on their shoulder as a personal statement of acceptance and inclusivity. It symbolizes their admiration for prince’s advocacy for equality and serves as a visual representation of their own identity.
  • Lisa, a devoted fan, had always dreamt of meeting prince but never had the opportunity. After his passing, she decided to get a prince symbol tattoo on her back to honor his memory and keep his spirit alive. It serves as a personal connection to the artist she admired so deeply.

Getting a prince symbol tattoo serves as a powerful way for fans to preserve prince’s memory and keep his legacy alive. It represents more than just a piece of body art; it encapsulates the profound impact he had on individuals’ lives and the wider cultural landscape.

These tattoos not only pay homage to his music but also inspire creative expression, promote inclusivity, and spark meaningful conversations about the artist and his enduring influence.

Frequently Asked Questions On Prince Symbol Tattoo Meaning

What Is The Meaning Behind Prince’S Symbol Tattoo?

Prince’s symbol tattoo represents his evolution as an artist, freedom, and rebellion against the music industry norms.

How Did Prince’S Symbol Tattoo Influence His Career?

Prince’s symbol tattoo became a powerful icon, symbolizing his artistic independence and solidifying his unique identity.

Can You Explain The Cultural Significance Of Prince’S Symbol Tattoo?

Prince’s symbol tattoo embodies both african and western influences, merging spiritual and creative elements into a visually captivating and meaningful design.


The prince symbol tattoo holds deep meaning and significance for fans and admirers of the legendary musician. Its iconic design embodies prince’s enigmatic persona, artistic genius, and enduring legacy. For some, it serves as a powerful tribute to prince’s musical contributions and the impact he had on their lives.

Others may choose to ink this symbol as a symbol of rebellion and individuality, inspired by prince’s unapologetic authenticity. Regardless of the reason behind getting a prince symbol tattoo, it is a personal statement and a way to connect with the artistic spirit of prince.

It is important to remember that tattoos are a form of self-expression and should be chosen carefully and respectfully. The prince symbol tattoo is a timeless emblem that allows fans to keep the memory and influence of the music legend alive for generations to come.

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